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​Class Description

Beginner Stretch and Stability
Targets major muscle groups in balance work, core strength and increases range of motion through various exercises and stretches.
*Class time- 55 minutes

Focuses on longer holds in a passive stretch and uses various props to support the body. This allows more opportunity to fully relax
and encourages endorphin release, "the happy/feel good hormones".
*Class time -55 minutes

Additional Class Offerings
•Private sessions that can be tailored to the individual or group.
Examples -30 min power
- rise and shine
-lower/upper body sculpt
-chair/senior sessions
*Class time 30-60 minutes

Fee Schedule

Instructor Fee- $5 per class


Facility Fee- $5/month- set up on a bank draft month to month- NO contract.

Please contact Kimmy Hinck at 785-231-0899

or visit the Stretch and Stability Facebook page

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