Dr. Kuder has been serving the Osage County area since 1999.  His specialty is the chiropractic adjustment followed by a combination of specific muscle techniques. He uses a low force adjusting style called Sacro Occipital Technique.  For the soft tissue muscle techniques sometimes referred to as Acupressure, Active Release Technique or Myofascial Release, Dr. Kuder uses his hands to assess muscle groups/joints for tension, lack of movement or decreased range of motion.  These techniques combine active movements by the patient with directed manual pressure or tension on the muscle or affected areas and joints.  Dr. Kuder is a participating provider for Medicare and BCBS


Physical Therapy provides treatment to individuals to develop, maintain, and restore maximum movement and function throughout life.  This includes providing treatment in circumstances where movement and function are threatened by aging , injury or disease. Some examples would include, joint and muscle injuries, pre/post surgical rehabilitation, muscle weakness or balance disorders just to name a few.  These services are provided by our staff Physical Therapists and PT Assistants, acting under the Physical Therapists direction.  Participating provider for Medicare, BCBS and Workers Comp for Osage County Employees.


Fitness services offering cardiovascular, free weights and strength training equipment. HEAVILY REDUCED FITNESS MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE TO ALL REHABILITATION AND PHYSICAL THERAPY PATIENTS FOLLOWING DISCHARGE.  Hours 5:00a.m. to 9:00p.m. daily.  Showers and lockers available.


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